What minimalism is to me

Minimalism is a HUGE part of my life and my beliefs, and part of the main reasons behind creating this blog. I wanted to write this post to explain what being a minimalist means in MY life (it can look so different in each individual’s life). I first found out about minimalism when I watched […]

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Why I dance

To release. To release the feelings and thoughts within me that simply cannot be expressed in any other fashion than movement. To discover. To discover more about myself, who I am at my core, my preferences, my habits, my limits, my abilities. To create. To create new ideas and messages and ways to say them. […]

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How did I start? I started my last journal two years ago ( I was a sophomore in high school… yikes), this journal was the first one I wrote front to back in. I finished it this summer of 2017. I am now filling up a Leuchtturm1917 very quickly as journaling has become a part […]

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A Fall Story 

All these photos were taken by Alaja Badalich. IG: @wordxskin This post is about being okay… more than okay with my natural face and natural hair. No makeup, natural hair. When it comes to self-love, I’ve made a lot of progress. A year ago there was no way I would go out of my room […]

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