Packing: Minimalism 

6 day trip… 

so. I am flying to NYC and then up to Connecticut for 6 days total. I wanted to pack everything on a carry on backpack for the plane so I wouldn’t need to check a bag. This includes all toiletries, fancy clothes for nice dinners and a broadway show (and heels), comfortable walking shoes, all clothes, swim suit, my journal, my Bullet journal, my laptop, my sketch book, my watercolors, all my chargers, earbuds, sunglasses, wallet/purse, and reusable containers as not to produce extra plastic waste. All in one backpack. Here’s how I did it, and my mindset through the packing… 

  1. CLOTHES: can you rewear items without them showing they’ve been worn? Ex. Jean/jean shorts easy to wear two- three times between a wash. Bring these items, and make sure you can make multiple combinations between them for different outfits. I brought 1 white cotton button up, 1 grey tee shirt, and one red light turtleneck for my tops. I brought one pair of denim shorts, one pair of black cotton shorts and  I blue skirt. All tips can match with all bottoms. Lots of combinations, not that much clothes. I am only packing one black brallette considering I don’t normaling wear bras, but for the white shirt it’s nice to have :). I am packing 6 pairs of underwear. No socks. My birkenstocks and one pair of comfortable heels. I am wearing one of my outfits and my birkenstocks on the plane and wearing my jean jacket and baseball cap on the plane as well to save space. There is also one set of pajamas and one swim suit. That’s all the clothes! 
  2. TOILETRIES: must be under 4oz a bottle, so beware of that. I am bringing my own homemade oil cleanser for my face wash and moisturizer, my own homemade doederant, my own homemade shampoo, toms toothpaste, bamboo toothbrush, a hair brush, mascara, sunscreen, chap stick, lip stick, a light foundation, hair ties and a headband. Everything fits in a cosmetic bag. 
  3. THE OTHER STUFF: laptop and journals are small but the number I am bringing is not. I am bringing 1 laptop, 3 notebooks, 1 book, 1 phone, 2 chargers, 1 set of paints, pens, pencils, brushes. Tip: think flat. All of my notebooks are very flat and small so they fit nicely, if you have a thicker book, leave it. Bring an empty water bottle so you don’t need to buy plastic ones while traveling! Also to stay hydrated! I’m bringing a small crosbody bag that doubles as an actual wallet and is just big enough to fit my phone- so no need for a wallet! 

That’s it! All for six days! Think about items that have multiple functions, are small in size, easy to use multiple times! 
Thanks for reading ! 


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