Vegan for minimalism

Funny how the further my Minimalism journey goes the more aspects of my life it reaches. It’s reached the food that I am putting into my body. I’ve decided for many reasons concerning animal rights, environmental concerns and my health to eat a Whole Foods, plant based diet. This is the most healthful, and minimal way of eating. I am minimizing the processed foods, the unhealthy foods, the violence, the torture, the insane energy that goes into animal product foods from my consumption. So as a minimalist this seems to be the only logical way of eating in my eyes. It eliminates the foods from my life that cause harm, and health problems, leaving room for healthy food, health in general and happiness. Later I will talk about zero waste which has been in my mind for a while and which I am trying to transition to. But I also wanted to say once your on this path, it’s like a domino chain- each aspect of your life you change in a minimalists’ mindset will then inspire you to change another- all ultimately contributing to your overall happiness. This is a short article, but I wanted to update that part of my life- and here are some documentaries that helped me make the switch: Live and Let Live, Cowspiracy, What the Health, Forks over Knives, Fed Up. Thank you for reading and let me know if you are plant based!!!! 



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