Recently I have started practicing meditation. It’s only been less than a month and not every day but close to that. Here is what I’ve learned, how I’ve changed and what I am going to continue to do. 


I have learned that at first sitting for even 5 minutes is excruciatingly difficult. I was restless, my mind wandering. But the next day it would get a little easier to focus on my breath rather than the flying thoughts and discomfort of not being overstimulated by fast-paced life. Each Tim I meditated for 5 minutes it was easier until I thought I could do a minute more, and from that being easier, adding another minute. I now try to do 10 minutes a day. Sitting focusing on my breath and my body. Letting my mind turn inward and relax, refocus. I have also learned that meditating with crystals is pretty cool. I have 4 right now. Pyrite- the stone of positivity, Red Calcite- the detoxification stone or inner healing and strength, rose quartz- the stone of love and compassion, and citrine- the stone of success and joy. The point is to select a stone that serves meaning in my life and hold it and set intentions with it in mind. The process of feeling that energy and thinking about it serves me well throughout the day. I have learned that I am generally more calm, more thoughtful, more aware of myself and others, and a better listener and observer in general on days when I meditate. 


I’ve been more positive and thinking about the qualities of my stones, and my mind has been slower to show signs of extreme careless thoughts and assumptions. I rarely feel strong emotions possessing negative qualities like hate, rage, even feeling nervous and anxious has gone away. My mind is more at ease. What has increased is the calmness and the outlook on life as having an experience rather than upholding expectations. I now experience things as they are and find more inner peace and happiness because of it. I sleep better too. With my mind at ease and focusing on breath, without thoughts of stress running in my head, I find it easier to rest and sleep. 


I will continue to meditate and hopefully daily now, slowly increasing my amount of time. I want to research meditation more and all the different kinds and techniques. I plan to read books and blogs and watch films on the topic. I also hope to take a meditation class soon. 
Thank you for reading! If you meditate please let me know in the comments and tell me your why. Why do you meditate?


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