My uniform 

My white madewell button up tee. My thrifted jean shorts. My CU Buffs hat. My green thrifted sweater tank. My birkenstocks. My denim jacket. 

This is my uniform. I wear pretty much the same thing every day or a close variation. I love what I wear- I feel truly confident and truly myself. I honestly don’t think people notice, and honestly don’t care if they do. It’s what I feel good in. And it’s the most responsible thing I can do with my clothes… decide to wear less more often. 

I feel stylish and in my element every day. I don’t have to think about what combination of clothes is right- I already know. The fashion part of my life is made much simpler because I get to wear my favorite pieces all the time. 

What do you feel your best in? What is your uniform? How many different ways could you style your favorite tee shirt? Think about downsizing your closet’s quantity in exchange for quality and favorability. I think you might find yourself less stressed, more confident and more content. 

Thank you for reading. Comment your favorite piece on your wardrobe.  


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