how to adventure

a memory and a half

My most resonating memories of “adventuring” are in the mountains, on the water, in the city, with my face towards the radiant sun, in a vast space buzzing with life and energy. Being born and raised in Missoula, MT I have had unlimited access to the mountains and trails and big blue skies, granted I only started fully seeing my want to experience them recently as I was a stubborn little kid who thought the outdoors was “boring” or whatever. Now I crave to be in mountains– to be surrounded by the green and blue and brown and golden hues of the hillsides with specks of clouds and rays of luminous sun flickering their way through the brush into by soul. That is what I crave. I crave to be able to completely submerge myself in the wonders of nature, with no sign of society in sight. Flathead Lake in places can feel like this. Seeley Lake too. A lot of Montana lakes and waterfalls and rivers and hikes and trails do this for me. One day my friends and I woke up on the crack of dawn and drove to Seeley lake. We jumped into the water when it was 40 degrees outside and stayed in it for about an hour. We had the beach to ourselves, the water and land and view was ours for the moment. We then drove up a rutted out dirt road a couple miles, singing– yelling– to music, to reach the trailhead of a hike to a waterfall. We hiked and sang a whole bunch more and then reversed the whole process. The day will forever be painted in my head with the magnificent colors of nature that I saw, the that vast feeling of being in a lake that no one has been in yet thus far in the morning, the laughter and singing in my chest in sync with those around me. That’s an adventure to me. Another half of a memory is just me hiking every day in May of 2017 and experiencing the beauty of solitude and the sounds of nature in a habitual way. Like water running over rocks, my rough edges became softened by the constant of doing it daily. I learned more about myself and my connection to nature. Small adventures every day lead to a big discovery about life being an adventure.

how to adventure every day

  1. wake up with gratitude.

Wake up and write down what you are truly grateful for and feel the feeling of overwhelming gratitude. For me right now, I am so grateful for the sunshine kissing my skin and lifting a veil off my soul. I am so entirely grateful for music, and especially this great thing called a guitar and this other amazing thing called vocal chords which allow me to make music. I am so grateful for the people in my life that see me for exactly who I am. I am so grateful for being alive to get to say these things and experience these things; even things as simple as making eye contact with someone and remembering their eye color for a few seconds after their gaze is gone. Be grateful and you are setting yourself up to be open to everything life has to offer, adventures being one of them.

2. realize that adventures can be free

My favorite adventures are in nature. For me, on some of them, their was the cost for gas and I guess the car, and things like that to get to a hike or a lake. But really, hiking on the hill in my neighborhood is just as adventurous and enriching if I’m allowing myself to see it that way. (and that one is free). To name a couple other of my favorite adventures beside walking by myself, with my dog, or with other people in nature, that are free: 1) gather all your art supplies or music instrument and favorite people and go make art and laugh and have good conversations, 2) go to a new place you have never been to before with old friends, 3) wander around a city without a plan and see where you end up (art museums, parks, sight-seeing), 4) okay this one costs money but a low amount… café hopping. Basically just wander around to different coffee shops and get a small drink or food item at each one throughout the day. 5) have no plan at all and just be completely commit to being spontaneous with a good group of people.

Adventures can be “small” and you can do them daily. Today I spent so many hours at a coffee shop and I wrote and I painted and I played guitar and I just gazed at sunlit buildings and was grateful and that was a beautiful adventure to me. Tomorrow I am planning to adventure. I will go outside, even just to walk with friends, and I will make art with friends, but who knows what else will happen within that?

3. Be open to experiences outside your comfort zone

that’s how we grow right? SPONTANEITY!!! TRUST! That’s what makes an adventure. Write down five things you want to do as adventures but are too scared to do them. THEN go out and DO them. Mine are 1) go backpacking for a week with a friend, 2) fly up to NYC by myself for a bit 3) write a song with someone 4) hang out with  new friends (I love all my friends, but feel like I have closed myself off to making new friends– I want to be open to anyone who I can connect with!) 5) go skinny dipping (lol– I’ve done it before, and its pretty great, but haven’t in a while!!)

you can adventure, if you think you can

If your energy is all cohesively saying, “YES! Let’s go adventure!”, then adventure you shall! But if you are hesitant of you have contradictory energy inside of you, holding you back, then adventure you shall most definitely not. Believe you can adventure daily and in awesome spontaneous ways with crazy cool people, put that energy out there, and start taking action. Go live the life you want every day you have.

Much love,

Here is to the adventures happening, and those to come!