I have a small  number of articles of clothing compared to some people, and a larger amount compared to others, but that’s not what matters. What matters is that the amount that I own serves my needs and feels comfortable– that it contributes to me being able to live my best life, not causing unnecessary […]

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Packing: Minimalism 

6 day trip…  so. I am flying to NYC and then up to Connecticut for 6 days total. I wanted to pack everything on a carry on backpack for the plane so I wouldn’t need to check a bag. This includes all toiletries, fancy clothes for nice dinners and a broadway show (and heels), comfortable […]

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Minimalism and Wardrobe

How much clothes is too much? To me there is not a specific number or quantity of clothes that is right for every person. Like minimalism itself there is a scale to the extremeness and also uniqueness to each person’s situation, taste and needs. I think there are some general guidelines and questions to think […]

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Why do I have a blog?

Well… for one, I have an Instagram addiction I’m trying to break. So I started on my ”minimalism journey” about 4 or 5 months ago. Not long. And I want to be held accountable, share what I’m learning and learn myself through this platform. I think getting all of my jumbled thoughts organized into one […]

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