I have a small  number of articles of clothing compared to some people, and a larger amount compared to others, but that’s not what matters. What matters is that the amount that I own serves my needs and feels comfortable– that it contributes to me being able to live my best life, not causing unnecessary stress.

Things I’ve noticed about what works for me:

  1. I can’t do patterns. My closet is mainly solid, I think I have a couple shirts with some logos which I don’t really like (don’t want to be a walking billboard for a brand), I’m trying to find quality replacements for these at goodwill, and find other uses for these shirts. But mainly I like solid colored clothes because they all go with each other and are easy on the eye, simple to wear.
  2. My color scheme is made up of blues, greys, whites, greens, browns, maroons. All the colors can compliment one another, so I can literally grab any shirt and it will go with any bottom.
  3. The level of fanciness is pretty low in my wardrobe, but my lifestyle isn’t very fancy– my wardrobe directly reflects how I live my life. I have a fair amount of outdoor and workout gear, and casual clothes. It would be silly for me to own lots of fancy dresses if my lifestyle doesn’t permit me to wear them.
  4. I only shop at goodwill, thrift-shops, second-hand, or get hand-me-downs for my new additions to my wardrobe. I have a choice on where my money is spent and what I am contributing to. I chose not to contribute to the fast-fashion industry or animal cruelty by spending my money on used vegan clothing. I also want to say that I do own a couple non-vegan clothing articles that I purchased before I went vegan, just as I own a couple items that were made a huge clothing stores that I bought before I became a minimalist. I will continue to wear these until they are worn through– because I don’t want to be wasteful be discarding a perfectly functioning item. But when they are used through, I will obviously make a different decision when I purchase a new addition to my wardrobe.
  5. Everything I own I like. My whole closet is a collection of my favorite pieces, so no matter what I wear I am always comfortable and confident.

Some pictures for you. This is all I own (except PJs, workout stuff, underwear and socks ya know and dance stuff, but this is my WARDROBE) sorry this is out of order… 

also some outfit inspiration 💓


Update on the Bullet Journal

This is my monthly set up. 

I’ve taken my yearly goals and funneled them to what I want to accomplish this month. I then have a calendar for events I know are happening this month, a habit tracker for things I want to do everyday towards my goals, an expense log to track my incoming and outgoing money and my weekly spreads. In my weekly spreads I have a date-specific to-do list and a running to-do list which are just tasks that can be accomplished based on priority but sometime during the week when I have time. So far this month I’ve found it very helpful. My theme is black and pink and flowers for the month. I use G2 Pilot 07 pens and Le Pen in Orchid for the pink. My journal is a Leuchtturm1917 hard back dotted in orange. 

Veganism Pt. 2

So the first time I went vegan was a little over a year ago. I did a month of research and took a couple weeks to transition from a healthier version of the standard American diet to an actually healthy diet of veganism. Or so I thought. At first I was super healthy but over time I became an unhealthy vegan- living off of just nutbutters, breads, sugars, bagels, etc. I was living in my dorm away from home at this time. Fresh veggies didn’t seem appealing and I became unhappy. Also at this time my period- which has always been irregular- stopped. My hormones were completely out of whack. So I went to a doctor and was told to eat eggs and diary to get more fats even though I was already living off of nuts.  But I listened to the doctors advice for my health and for the sake of my mom. But it didn’t work, period did not come, acne remained. I was still not eating healthy and was eating animal products which are unhealthy. Then at home, frustrated, I decided that the last time my hormones were in balance and my period was at least happening was when I was eating all animal products so I went back to that. No change. Still no period. Worse acne. Frustrated and confused with doctors telling me one thing, my body not making sense and my morals telling me something else, I began researching veganism again. This time more in depth and this time into the actual health research not just for animal rights. I know eat a Whole Foods plant based diet. So yes vegan, but I try to avoid refined and processed foods. My period has come back as of today. My skin looks to be clearing up. I know I am doing the right thing for the animals, the environment and for my own health. Go vegan, but still think about your food choices within that.

I would also like to say that I am devastated with myself for not sticking with veganism, and the harm to animals and be environment that I inflicted in the meantime pains me. But I also think it took that full year of learning to be at the place that I am at now- I place where I feel phenomenal, and where I am following a lifestyle that is sustainably beneficial for all parties. Thank you for reading.